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How To Hack (legally) a Myspace Accounts


Easy hacks most Myspacers don't know about

These to my knowledge aren't showing up in any books.
When you join myspace you can make your profile private, and its THE ONLY WAY to secure your friends list, your private anything really. If you can do it within the standard features myspace offers (privacy settings for example) then it cannot be bypassed, but if the user has to add code to his/her about me page then its absolutely a deception that this is protected. People draw a false sense of security when using these codes. I discovered it when I was trying to show my friends that nothing is truly safe unless its blocked in the code (from the sourse).
I was determined to figure out how to get at this list to see if I could get at a hidden friends list, pictures etc... Turns out that the codes for myspace pages is unprotected (i.e. not set to private by myspace not codes you enter).
Profiles are always broadcasted. This means as long as you have to enter codes into a box to make the feature happen its still there. It works alot like cable tv. The signal to all of the channels are broadcast in that wire but the box scrambles the unpaid for signals. Well myspace doesnt block anything when you add code, actually whats happening is the whole code comes in like nothing was changed, but your added code is piggie backed onto the myspace base code and its your browser that actually hides the features by telling the browser not to show it.
What happens is the code is appended to change this one word in various places: "Visibility" (so simple its almost an insult huh)

Un- Hiding the entire page! Hack

1. For hiding tables like your friends frame, for changing the look of the page they hide the frame and use CSS (cascading style sheets) to rebuild a new frame), or to wipe the whole page so you can make it look like a web page with no frame boxes. (this is also how they swap the picture to the right side not the left in some designs)
then on any thing hidden (also this is all they do to hide anything is flip this code to
the codes you enter basically append (add to) the format code, as the format code says "visibility:show" or "vidibility:invisible" the codes you enter will add a new line below that updating the read to "Visibility:visible" or "Visibility:show


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